Atlanta Dogworks Kennel

     When you choose Atlanta Dogworks, your dog will receive the finest care! Your dog can enjoy our In-Home boarding or stay in our fine kennel facility.

     A room with a view... Our state-of-the-art boarding kennel offers private indoor climate-controlled suites and access to a covered outdoor excercise run. The outdoor runs have spectacular views of the 15 acre property, including a sheep pasture, a horse boarding facility, and training fields where

we play with our frisbee dogs and clients' dogs as well.

     You can customize your dog's visit with ammenities like playtime, a nature walk, a swim in the pool, a run on a treadmill and a visit to the grooming salon.

     When you bring your dog in to board with us, pack him or her a bag, too! Include his or her bed, favorite toys, and food in a sealed container.

     Atlanta Dogworks is proud to be certified by the American Boarding Kennel Association. All animals who stay with us are required to provide proof of vaccinations. Dogs must have current Rabies, DHLP and Bordatella innoculations. Please bring your shot records with you when you visit or drop your pet off. Have a great stay!

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