Atlanta Dogworks' team of top trainers and talented animals have been instrumental in producing imaginitive, memorable and award-winning entertainment and advertising. We have over 20 years of animal handling experience and represent an extensive collection of over 2,000 animals. Atlanta Dogworks takes great pride in treating all animals with care and respect and we ensure a positive training and performance environment.

When the Law Becomes Corrupt,
Outlaws Become Heroes... Lawless

The three Bondurant brothers run a bootlegging operation during the depression. The gang is threatened by a crooked new deputy and other authorities who want a share of the brothers' profits. Watch the TRAILER!
Look for us dressed as Menonites driving Diva put to our period piece dog cart in a scene with Gary Oldman, our chickens, dogs, pigs and the fan favorite, a fawn that was only a few days old when Mia Wasikowska filmed her scene with him.

Also Happening Now
Welcome to Woodbury! The Walking Dead returned Sunday, October 14! Our owl, opossum, stunt riders, horses, dogs, deer, snakes and crows make memorable scenes in AMC’s critically acclaimed original series depicting a zombie apolocalypse. Greg, Carol and their daughter Devon are also featured extras in Season 3. Fight the Dead. Fear the Living!

Coming Soon
We have wrapped several feature films, including Flight, Scary Movie 5 and Killing Season. Keep your eyes open, they are coming soon to a theater near you!

We continue to provide animals for television shows filming in the area, including Teen Wolf, Single Ladies, Let's Stay Together, and Cartoon Network.

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