Customize Your Stay

Extra Turnouts


Every dog gets turned out individually in the grass yards 4 times a day as part of our regular service. Some dogs require more trips to the yard so you can "go green" and add extra turnouts to their visit!  Older dogs and young puppies especially appreciate this!



Every dog has their own idea of playtime!  Whether its a game of frisbee in the field, chasing the tennis ball in our 20 x 60 meter fenced arena or just wrestling around on the couch, your dog can have it all! Customize his or her stay for the perfect doggy vacation! 

Nature Walks


With 15 scenic acres, ADW offers a wide variety of interesting and stimulating areas for your dog to visit! We have grass lanes around the property for walking the dogs so they can see the deer, sheep, goats, horses and other animals on the farm!

Pool Party!


Does your dog love to swim? If your dog's idea of heaven is a splash in the pool on a hot day, then sign your dog up for a Pool Party! Our custom 22' x 41' swimming pool, dock and swim deck is dedicated to the dogs! Whether your dog likes to cool off after a game of ball, jump off the dock for a toy or could use some low impact exercise (great for rehab and geriatric dogs), our pool is a great option!



Burn off some energy and some calories!  After a short introduction, your dog will love going for a run on our doggy treadmills! 

10 minutes on the treadmill is equivalent to an hours walk because of the focus and concentration necessary to walk or run at a consistent speed in one direction. The treadmill is another healthy mental and physical challenge for them to learn.

A Day at the Spa


Give your dog a day at the spa before going home. Try a relaxing warm bath, with an invigorating hand towel or blow dry!  Get his or her nails trimmed and any tangles or mats combed out. We use soothing oatmeal shampoos, bluing to bring out their bright whites and special conditioners to ensure your dogs will come home fresh, squeaky clean and softer than ever!

Pics of Your Pup!

Photo Upgrade


 When you sign your dog up for Playtimes, Nature Walks or any other Amenity, you can get a "Photo Upgrade" for an additional fee and receive a select picture of your dog enjoying their stay via text or email! 

Social Media Day


 You can also choose to have a Social Media Day for your dog and get updates on your favorite app - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat! Let everyone know what a great time your dog is having!