Introduction to Nosework

Did you know dogs have up to 300 million receptors in their nose?

That's 50 times what humans have! 

Harness this super power in our new Introductory Nose Work Class! 

Build a foundation that'll allow you to teach your dog to find anything!


Join in the fun!  Learn how to teach your dog to find

the missing tv remote, cell phone or car keys! 

Teach your dog fun tricks like sniffing out the "big money"!


Four Week Course

Saturdays July 14 - Aug 4th


Professional Training

Courtney Clarke

Courtney trains Search and Rescue dogs for Man Trailing and Live Area Search.

She specializes in Cadaver aka Human Remains Detection. 

Courtney has several dogs, including Finnegan, her 4 year old Labrador Retriever.

Finn is nationally certified for Cadaver in land, water, and forensics. 

How Dogs See with Their Noses

Check out this great video 

How Dogs See with Their Noses