Training While Boarded

Let Us Do it For You!


For clients planning a vacation, or for those of you who just don't have the time

 to devote to training your dog every day, consider Training While Boarded. 

Your dog will stay with us in our premier boarding facility, and learn in our new Training Pavilion.

Free Follow-Up Lesson


 After your dog stays with us, you pick up your newly trained pet

and receive a complimentary follow-up lesson. In an hour of private instruction, you will learn the mechanics of behavior and how to continue reinforcing the same behaviors we have been teaching your dog. 

Member of the Family


It is best if you can bring your entire family with you so that everyone in the house learns how to properly interact with your dog! We are a family business, and will teach you and your kids our methods.  Just don't try to use them on your spouse! 

Make a Reservation



First, choose the right suite for your pet



Then customize your pet's stay



Finally, book your perfect stay!