The Atlanta Dogworks Family

Atlanta Dogworks is a family owned business with over 25 years of experience caring for dogs. 

Together, with their staff, the Tresans are dedicated to providing dog owners with the best kennel facility in Georgia. 


Greg Tresan

Atlanta Dogworks is the result of Greg’s love for animals and competitive success with his world-class frisbee and herding dogs. With over 30 years of dog training experience, Greg is now a full-time animal coordinator for the film industry.

Carol Tresan

Carol Tresan, comes from the competitive horse world enjoying dressage, hunter/jumpers and eventing. Along with a stable full of horses, Carol enjoys all her animals including dogs, cats, goats, sheep, chickens, deer and whatever else we can fit on the farm! She is also a full - time animal coordinator alongside her husband. 

Our Staff

Sophie David, Office Manager

Sophie will greet you with a charming accent and a warm, welcoming smile.  She is a dog lover, trainer and accomplished equestrian. She was born in Wales, UK and moved to the US to help train horses and foxhounds for the Bear Creek Hounds. Growing up in foxhunting kennels and stables ingrained an understanding and passion for helping animals to showcase their talents. She spends time getting to know each of our boarding dogs, and always gives their owners very detailed reports of how the dog spent his or her time here with us. Sophie will make sure your dog's reservation is scheduled exactly as you request and your dog's stay is comfortable. 

Vanda Winfrey, Kennel Manager


Vanda, our kennel leader, has also been with us for years. She knows all of our doggie guests personally, and loves them like her own.  Vanda has a great touch with their owners, too. She is soft spoken, gentle and very conscientious. She makes sure all of our kennel techs, including her daughter Tanya, a Shift Leader, are up to speed on the latest animal care techniques.

Courtney Clark, Trainer


Courtney trains Search and Rescue dogs for Man Trailing, Live Area Search, and specializies in Cadaver aka Human Remains Detection. Courtney has several dogs, including Finn, her 4 year old Labrador Retriever. Finnegan is nationally certified for Cadaver in land, water, and forensics. Together they won the SRS Crown Champion in Dock Diving in 2016! You will see Courtney if you join us for training or need your dog picked up by our Pet Taxi.

Dylan Adam, Pet Taxi

Dylan drives our two pet taxis to pick up and deliver our canine guests.  He will ensure your precious pups are transported safely and comfortably, and that all of their belongings make the trip with them. Dylan  will double check that your dogs' reservation with us is properly scheduled with any training, and amenities including a spa day before they return home!

The Rest of the Pack

Adrienne, Hannah, Christa, Kahlyn and Lea are the rest of the pack! You can see them out on the property taking dogs on Nature Walks and doing Play Times with them, throwing a ball or frisbee. Next time you see one of them, say Hi! Your dog will want to say Hi, too!    

Must Love Dogs

Because the kennel runs 365 days a year,

our staff members are always hard at work,

even on holidays!

Everyone at Atlanta Dogworks is dedicated to providing

 you and your dog with the best possible service!

We love all the dogs!! 

Animal Casting Atlanta

Tresan Family on the set of The Walking Dead

With the demands of the booming film industry, our staff has grown and is now packed with dedicated

individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds in the animal care and training fields. 

The Tresans with Bubbles

The Tresans with a Liger